Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recap of a near-summer weekend.

1. Jim worked on Annika's door.

He fit it to the frame, did the mortise work so that the door handle and skeleton key fit, and installed the hinges.  It is now ready to be sanded and stained! Not sure if we're going to go with polyurethane or if we're going to do a stain so that it matches the floor

2. Saturday: we went to a birthday party for the boy across the street, who turned 8.  Annie hung out with the little boy down the street who is the same age as her, and enjoyed a balloon (string tied to her outfit). 

She also won the limbo contest.

She also enjoyed the cake. Very much. She wanted more. The cake was in the shape of a soccer field, and had soccer figurines on top. It was made by our next-door neighbor - she is an expert cake decorator.

3. After we went home and Annie took a nap to rest up from that party, we went to a BBQ at the neighbors' house behind us.  We had a ton of fun. Annie got to play with their toys, including a very cool walker thingy that turns into a big wheel toy.

4. Sunday: I did some gardening. That's a fancy word for weeding and preparing the soil with manure and compost so that it'll be in good shape for when I plant in a week or two. There were a lot of tiny maple trees in the garden.  Plus, except for the arugula, none of my lettuce has germinated. So it was time to rake up the soil so I can plant something else there. No room to spare in this garden.

5. For lunch, we did a picnic and a little walk at Houghton's Pond.  Annie is working on standing up by herself and she was starting to get brave this afternoon.

After lunch, she went on the swings (her all-time favorite activity)!


6. Then we came home and cleaned up the house and got ready for the week.  A great weekend!!

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