Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday prep

For Annie's birthday, I asked all the relatives to bring a photo of themselves when they were 1 year old (or so). The hope is that I can then scan all the photos and put them in Annie's "first year" photo book. I also want to add copies of them to this poster, while we'll use as a decoration at the party on Saturday:

I'm lucky enough to already have a lot of photos from my side of the family. Of course, a couple of the older photos are not necessarily of 1-year-olds .... I believe my grandma and Aunt Betty were probably 2 or 3 in those photos, and my dad and Grandma Betty were slightly younger than 1 year in their photos (I think they were both 10 months). But close enough. You do with what you can get.

I'm not a very creative person and the birthday party will probably not get Martha Stewart's approval, either for decorations, fun little games, or food. But this piece will be a little different than most first birthday parties, I think, so who cares what Martha Stewart thinks! :)

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A Fuss said...

Yeah, so Mom was seriously concerned (I mean, seriously) because she started thinking about finding a picture from when Jim was 1, and in doing so realized that she could remember this one particular picture down to the tiniest detail as if she had just looked at it. But then she remembered that she had given Jim all his baby pictures years ago and it would have been impossible for her to remember it so vividly. She was really concerned about her mental health.

And that's when I reminded her that she had just seen the picture yesterday -- on your flickr photostream.

And Mom, when you read this -- please know I laugh because you're concerned that your mental clarity is so good. That is a problem I would like to have.