Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year, part 2

But having written the post about the bad omen, I will now wish everyone out there a happy new year. Here are a couple of photos of our house, decorated for the holidays:

Our stockings on the banister:

Our tree:

We had a pretty low-key new year's eve. We were originally going to go to a friend's house for a party. But it snowed all day and Somerville had called a snow emergency. A snow emergency means that you can only park on the odd side of the street, which really limits where you can park. Then there's the fact that most leftover parking spaces have snow drifts that you have to dig out before you can park in them. So we decided not to go because of the parking problem and the scary prospect of driving around on snowy roads with a bunch of drunk people in the other cars. We stayed at home instead. We worked on a puzzle for a while, but then I got so tired and couldn't stay awake. So I napped for a while, and then woke up around 11:45. I was awake for the new year and then we went to bed. We must be getting old. Staying awake til midnight used to be so easy. Of course, that was back when waking up early for me was 9:00am. :)

Today we're doing our normal tradition of going to Mary Chung's in Cambridge for lunch. We're meeting the friends whose party we were supposed to attend last night. It is very cold outside. But the way we know that we're not in Buffalo any more is that it's actually sunny out! Buffalo is so gray in the winter.

Happy new year!

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