Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It didn't really feel like the Christmas season til Sunday. That's when we actually got our tree, finished our Christmas shopping (for the most part) and wrote out the Christmas cards. Life suddenly feels in control again, now that we accomplished those things. Isn't our culture odd? That we need to cut down a tree and display it in our living room in order to feel normal? And then some people go one step further and don't cut down the tree, but rather buy something that looks like a real tree but really is made out of plastic? I wonder who thought up all these traditions.

It seems like we still have some miles to go before Christmas is actually here. For one, we have to get our car back from the repair shop. Our windshield was leaking. Turns out that it wasn't sealed properly and the metal holding up the windshield was all rusted out. So now the glass place has to tow the car (sans windshield) to a body shop for repair. The good news is that it's all covered by warranty. Yippy. But we need the car to get to Buffalo. So I hope they can get to it soon.

On Friday evening, I'm going to a baby shower. I believe that everyone else invited already has babies. So I'm not sure what I'll say to them. But it'll be fun.

Saturday evening, we are getting together with a friend for dinner, followed by a drop-in at her brother's Christmas party.

In the way of Christmas preparations, the house is basically not decorated, save for the tree. But I think it'll probably stay that way this year. As I say, it hasn't even felt like Christmas up to this point. We have to wrap the gifts. And of course, we still need to decide when we're coming back to Boston after Christmas. It's all up in the air.

But I trust that things will be resolved, if not consciously, then by default. The funny thing is you make all these preparations, and then Christmas is gone in about the blink of an eye.

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A Fuss said...

That's funny, I feel the same way this year. I feel like Christmas is at least a month a way and I will be in the Christmas mood but I'm just not there yet. I'm more excited about Christmas next year:)