Friday, November 28, 2008


While JK^2 talks about current events, like the bailout, I'm going to tell you about our personal current events! That means Thanksgiving.

We had a really nice holiday. In fact, probably one of the best in a long time.

Our Menu:
Shish Kabobs (cooked on our grill)
Regular salad
Pita Bread
Apple Pie

Jim did pretty much all the cooking. The key was that he cooked a couple of dishes each night for a couple of days leading up to the dinner. That made things much less stressful.

On our table, we had my grandparents' 1938 china, and silverware that is probably older than that (from my great-grandparents, the Rechs). Here are photos of our table:

Our Guest List:
Besides us, we had my mom, our friends Mark and Lauren, who also live in Quincy, and Lauren's brother Matt, visiting from Norman, Oklahoma.

The day of Thanksgiving started at around 1:15am. My mom's flight was 7 hours late: supposed to arrive at 7:30pm; actually arrived around 2:30am. A little disappointing for Jet Blue. We went to bed at the normal time and got up at 1:15 to drive to the airport. Poor Mom. She had been awake since 4am that day, between bringing Buddy to the kennel and having to go into work.

Then we went to bed and slept late. After lunch, we went to the storage unit to get the china, and then came back and got ready for dinner. Mark, Lauren and Matt came over around 5pm and we ate. After dinner, we sat around and talked for a while. Lauren had made a really tasty fruit salad, made with oranges, plums and mint with a lime juice dressing.

It was a nice day, because it was so low-key and we got to spend it with family, friends, and cats in our own house.

Today the weather has been funny. Right now, it's hailing! It was raining before. We are going to go candlepin bowling.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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