Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. It started out by me waking up, as I usually do, at about 6:00am. Of course, I couldn't go back to sleep. In fact, the more I laid in bed, the more agitated I was getting with all my thoughts about work (last week was very stressful), things to do, and life in general. As this usually goes, I started tossing and turning. I didn't want to wake up JK^2, so I got up. (He always makes fun of me, because usually by about 10 I'm tired again. I can't explain why I function like this, but I do. It's worth hours of teasing by JK^2).

JK^2 had made plans with our friend Nate to go boating that morning at 10. But it looked like it was going to rain any minute, and it felt damp in the house. JK^2 ended up getting up about a half hour later, and we ran some errands. As we were out, the weather kept getting better. Nate and his girlfriend showed up around 10:30 and we went boating.

Boating was beautiful. The sky was pretty clear, but no one was out on the water because it had looked like rain up until about 30 minutes before. We rode out to the Boston Light, which is always cool to look at. Then we drove into the Harbor to stop at the Barking Crab for lunch. This was the location of our latest boat break-down, so we were a little apprehensive about stopping again. But it was all good.

On our way back to Quincy, we rode by a boat whose driver had the top of his motor pulled up and seemed to be having engine trouble. We stopped. It turned out he had the exact same boat as us, except in red instead of blue. Crazy. Apparently he couldn't get the boat started. It sounded like a battery problem. So we ended up towing him back to his launch site. Interesting! We used a ski-tow rope and it worked out great. Pretty interesting.

After that, Nate and Jess really had to get going, so we drove back to our dock and they left.

Not long after they left, we left to meet them and some other friends at the Davis Mega Maze, which is a very fancy corn maze that is in central Mass., about an hour from our house. We had done this last year, and it was pretty fun. This year, it was a "moon-lit" maze (in other words, in the dark). It was not quite as much fun. The moon did made an appearance, but it was mostly dark, and because it had rained the day before, it was very muddy. In fact, JK^2 fell into the mud at one point, and was basically covered in mud for the rest of the event! We got finished with that around 8 and headed home.

Quite a busy day. Today JK^2 left for his business trip and I have to go grocery shopping (exciting). I'm thinking of making a "Tomato Basil Pie," a recipe that my Aunt Ellen just sent me. It looks good and, more importantly, easy. And I have about a ton of tomatoes, so it's a good way to use them up.

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